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Since 2001, Tommy Seilheimer and his team have been helping local, nationwide and international businesses grow their online presence when it comes to WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Branding and Digital Marketing services.

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We can do these Master Classes via SKPYE meeting or in-person if you are in the Chicagoland area depending on location.

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Website SEO Audit MasterClass: (4 hour block) $800 [Buy Now]

The first thing we will show you is how to SEO audit a website. The reason we do this is so you can see what is currently wrong with the website and what areas need to improve immediately for the best rankings on Google. When we work with clients, we always make sure their website foundation is solid. You will find that 95% of the time it is not. We have a customized excel file to help you walk through this audit and what plugins and tools to install. This is the most valuable asset for a company.

WordPress CMS Master Class: (4 hour block) $800 [Buy Now]

Here you can learn how to master the WordPress CMS system. From beginning to advance stages, I will take you through every aspect on how to take full control of your WordPress theme, customization and best practices. We will show you the best plugins to install and more. We will walk you through every single section on WordPress until you understand how to fully work the system. After this class you will be a WordPress Pro that can be extremely valuable to any company when growing rankings.

WordPress SEO Master Class: (4 hour block) $800 [Buy Now]

Once you have a solid knowledge of the WordPress CMS, now it is time to show you how to properly SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your pages and posts. It is important for Google to easily read your website and that your pages and URL Structures are properly formatted for success when it comes to higher online Google rankings. This is more technical, but if you take good notes you will be mastering this in no time. SEO takes time and we will work with you every step of the way until you are proficient in WordPress SEO techniques

Social Media / SEO Master Class: (4 hour block) $800 [Buy Now]

Learn how to use every social media platform (ex: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube LinkedIn, Pinterest and more) properly. We will show you how to format and SEO posts, videos and customize profiles for the best engagement along with paid advertising tutorials (if needed). We will show you the best software to use to publish your posts and how to track analytics and monitoring of engagement.

4 Master Class Bundle: $2400 (Save $800) [Buy Now]

Get all 4 Master Classes for a discount. Basically buy three, get one free!